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I may have even said aloud, "This is the best i've seen in a while." There was one small problem, though. We weren't hiring for an accounting position. On to the next candidate. I'm sure many of us have either used or heard of the "spray and pray" method of applying for jobs. It means rapid-firing your résumé to every opening you can find. I have rarely seen that strategy work. In fact, one of the best things that applicants can do is demonstrate that they know what they are applying for.

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Every word processor on the planet has spellcheck. Is it that hard to click the little button? You've already (I hope) spent an hour or more writing the thing. Would taking another five minutes for a once-over be too much the to ask? One final question: would you take this article seriously if I butchered the wording? The same perspective applies. Did you even try to tailor your résumé? The next red flag in my stack of applications came from an excellent, well-crafted résumé. Clearly demonstrating the candidate's expertise in accounting, it included specific accomplishments in previous accounting jobs. It was without flaw.

If you don't reviews have the job's minimum requirements, the process is over. Note those minimums and clearly demonstrate how you meet them. Advertisement, we fail candidates for bad grammar. It's sad that I have to write that. But every stack has at least one résumé with misspelled words, incomplete sentences, and other cardinal sins of writing. While the average employer would certainly drop you for such transgressions, we are a college so we get twice as irritated about. Misspellings signal laziness, inattention to detail, and just the overall sense that you aren't taking this seriously. Here are three pieces of advice: proofread, proofread, proofread.

higher ed resume

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You don't meet the minimum criteria. It took me only two minutes to find that first red flag in my four-inch stack. I saw an application on which someone from human resources had written "experience may not qualify." The candidate had spent two years working at a work-force-development agency, but the hr staff member didn't know if that would count toward our requirement that the applicant have. After reading the job summary on the résumé, i knew the experience wouldn't count. The first step in the application process is understanding whether or not you even qualify for the job. Your application typically will not go straight to the hiring committee. Instead, it will first go through the filter of the human-resources staff members who won't forward unqualified applicants or will flag someone whose qualifications are uncertain.

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higher ed resume

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The the human-resources summary sheet on top of the stack told me i had 98 applications to read before our department's hiring-committee meeting on Monday. Now stop and imagine that your application is in that stack on my desk. You have applied for a staff opening at my college. Your hopes depend on attracting my attention and convincing me that you're one of the five people i want to interview. Here's a confession for you: It's only going to take me a few hours to read through the files and make my recommendations.

So how do i—and most other hiring managers—move through so many applications so quickly? We weed the stack. We look for red flags that scream "don't interview me!" so we can safely put those applications aside and move. I've cut my stacks in half with that method, sometimes glancing at a résumé for mere seconds before finding a suicidal mistake. After serving on numerous hiring committees, i've developed a list of six mistakes that will guarantee your résumé a one-way ticket to my shredder.

Arizona State college, students Rights Committee (1999 - present). Student counseling Services team (1998 - present). Student leadership and Activities Committee (1998 - present). College of Oklahoma, graduate Affairs Involvement team ( ). Staff Rewards and Recognition team ( ).

State college of Texas University relations Committee ( ) University Psychological Association (2004 - present) Association for Student counseling Services (1996 - present) American College personnel Association (1993 - present) Student Services Association ( ) Benjamin houser, Vice Chancelor Arizona State college (444) Sandra lightfoot, Director. "The applications are in my colleague told me as she walked into my office. "Here you." I didn't have time to look up from my computer before a hollow thump echoed in the room. She had dropped a stack of paperwork four inches high onto my desk. "you're kidding?" i asked. Have fun she replied with a smirk before heading out.

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Student Awareness Award (1999 watkins,. Counseling Strategies for Students in Higher Education. Paper presented at the American College personnel Association Convention in Baton rouge,. How to Stay mentally fit: Strategies for a healthy higher Education Career. Talk literature presented at the national conference for Executive officers in Long Island,. Mental health and the Impact of Student Behavior. Talk presented at the convention Association for counseling Services in Salem,.

higher ed resume

Responsible for training and supervision of five staff members and two graduate assistants. Worked closely with the Office of health and Wellness and Family Planning Services. Developed marketing strategies the to increase student awareness and an effective learning environment. Courses taught: counseling Education, School Psychology, and Educational leadership. Doctor of Philosophy (Higher Education Administration master of Education (M.Ed.) (School Psychology). Bachelor of Science (Psychology teacher's Excellence Award (may 2004, december 2005). Outstanding Doctoral Student (October 2004 evelyn Swinney grant (Fall 2003, Spring 2002). Distinguished Student Services Professional (Spring 2002).

an emphasis on first generation students. Assisted in program development for the Office of Multicultural Affairs. Initiated development of the center for teaching and learning. Courses taught: Freshman Seminar and counseling Education. Associate director, counseling Services, provided psychological services and academic advising services.

Lead development and institutional advancement initiatives. Manage eight Associate deans and twelve department Chairs. Address issues of diversity within the university curriculum. Oversee residential life, housing operations, judicial affairs, and outreach services. Recruit senior administrators and academic staff. Assistant dean of Students, supervised the director of diversity, resident Directors, and Director of Student Technology. Worked with the vice President in establishing goals for the university curriculum. Responsible for staff development and training. Assisted in curriculum development for First year Seminar and counselor Education classes.

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Why do i need to update my browser? If your browser is old your security may be compromised and allow attackers to hijack your web experience. We at HigherEdJobs care deeply about our users' security and will be transitioning away from supporting insecure, out-of-date browsers. Please update your browser before june 1, 2017 to enjoy uninterrupted access. Please download one of these free, updated browsers. To obtain an executive position in student affairs that embraces student learning, staff development, general and diversity initiatives. Dean of Students, responsible for student service and academic programs for 8,500 on-campus students and 13,400 distance education students. Responsible for developing and maintaining budget.3m.

Higher ed resume
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All slides are designed in powerpoint files ( ppt ) so that you can modify and immediately. Get inspiration on how to write a business plan. The solar system homework.

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  2. An icon of a cv or r esume. If you are applying for a job with a college or university, you might. Converting a grad school cv into a working resume.

  3. After serving on numerous hiring committees, i ve developed a list of six mistakes that will guarantee your résumé a one-way ticket. Drafting a career-Change resume. By higher Education Recruitment Consor tium. The average person will have 12 jobs in his. By higher Education Recruitment Consortium.

  4. The higher education job market is competitive. A well-written c over letter can be equally important as an impressive resume. Counseling Strategies for Students in Higher Education. Paper presented at the Ame rican College personnel Association Convention in Baton rouge,. HigherEdJobs has partnered with TopResume, one of the leading resume writing servi ces, to offer special discounted pricing to the higher education.

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